The foundation of the mind's eye is the starting point of it all.

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Drawing Inspiration from his predecessors - Roy DeCarava, Robert Frank, and Garry Winogrand, Rain is a student of everyday life experience and skilfully chronicles the poetic nuances of daily life. Capturing the gritty essence of the streets; its people in movement on foot and on public transportation, he transmutes the seemingly mundane into expressive lyrical social commentary. Part photojournalist, part poetic memoir, his work is inspired by his life experiences and finding the image within the image.

Rain's photography primarily centered on the art of black-and-white street photography, which he described as the pursuit of capturing a moment that could never be reclaimed and representing it faithfully. He often articulated his work as a tribute to resilience, survival, and the discovery of grace amidst adversity. Music, particularly Afrobeat and the blues played a significant role in shaping Rain's artistic vision. He drew a parallel between his work and the blues, explaining that in photography, he grappled with light and various elements to seize that precise moment and convey the associated emotions, stating, "To put it simply, these pieces are the soundtrack of my life.

"There is one thing the photo must contain: the humanity of the moment."

Rain Bermudez

Rain Bermudez is a New York-based photographer offering national and international photography services.